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Le Faou


From its exceptional situation, in the end of one severall rias of the Brest bay, Le Faou upholds a long history with a rich heritage.

The city founding goes back to the XIth century. Twenty-three houses are listed and one is classified within the Historical Monument chart. The main street is filled of houses with corbels dating from the XVIth century ; those are build from schist and granite, covered with slates and topped by high pinion on their front.

The beautiful Saint-Saviour church of the XVIth century with a fine Renaissance bell tower, was erected facing the port. Don't miss inside the church  the XVIth century baptismal font which is unique in Brittany by its rich scupture.




High pilgrimage site, its XVIth century Our-Lady of Rumengol church is build atop a sanctuary which was erected by Saint Guénolé and king Gradlon on the remnants of a druidic altar.

On the Trinity day and the 15th of August, traditionnal breton pilgrimage called "pardons" are dedicated to the Virgin, Our-Lady of all remedy (Remed oll). Outside, you can also admire its bell tower with its gracious and audacious octogonal steeple. Inside are the the XVIIth century altarpieces.

Visit also the domaniale forest of Cranou (650 ha).





Historical interpretation tour

This tour is based one a principal ceramic pannel on "place aux Foires" and then invits you to discover 9 other heritage panels while wandering through the historical downtown

Please do note that those panel are on French only.



Digital Breizh Tour


After downloading the fee Breizh Tour app (available on Google Play and on App Store) you will access with your smartphone to a wander enriched with multimedia content displaying nearby  the 10 points of interest on Le Faou, Rumengol and its surroundings.

Please note there is and English version of this whole content.





Sound wander in the Cranou forest

Radio Evasion has produced in 2011 a whole wander in our beautiful Cranou forest that we propose you to discover throuh this small leaflet.

Please do note that this document and the associated sounds are on French only.


Bien bouger
Mairie de le faou
Place aux Foires
29590 Le Faou

Tél. 02 98 81 90 44
Fax 02 98 81 08 03
Place aux Foires
29590 Le Faou

Tél. 02 98 81 90 44
Fax 02 98 81 08 03
Plasen ar marc’had
29590 Le Faou

Pgz. 02 98 81 90 44
Faks 02 98 81 08 03
Horaires de la mairie
Townhall schedule
Lundi, mardi et jeudi
de 9 h à 12 h 15 et de 13 h 30 à 17 h
Mercredi et Vendredi
de 9 h à 12 h 15

Permanence des élus
le samedi matin de 10 h à 12 h
Monday, tuesday and Thursday
from 9 h to 12 h 15 and from 13 h 30 to 17 h
Wednesday and Friday
de 9 h à 12 h 15

Permanency of elects
on saturday morning from 10 h to 12 h
Lun, Meurzh ha Yaou ha Gwener
deuz 9 e da 12 e 15 hag deuz 13 e 30 da 17 e
Mercʼher ha Gwener
deuz 9 e da 12 e 15

Degemer gant an dilennidi
Ar sadorn vintin da 10 e hag deuz 12 e